Writer's Block and Other Random Thoughts

What can I say? When I started this blog I promised myself I would post at least one entry per week. That has not been the case. I have been struggling with a review of Latitude 41 for the past three weeks. It is my first official review and I think I am being too hard on myself. I want it to be perfect, even though I know that it won?t be. Even though I know I will get better with time. I promise I will get it done.

I also have reviews of Thom’s on Grandview and The Clarmont in the works. These will not be full-blown reviews, because we didn’t have a full-course meal at either place. Rather we did a progressive dinner starting at the bar at The Clarmont, and ending over in Grandview at the bar at Thom’s. My intention is just to provide an overview of the atmosphere and cuisine, and talk about my reactions to both places.

I also have several story ideas about my life in the restaurant biz, for instance, how in my very first job as a busboy at the impressionable age of 15 I got to meet Vincent Price. No doubt this early brush with celebrity contributed to my growing love of the hospitality business.

I also intend to post primers about wine, spirits, and artisanal cheese, as well as information about dining etiquette, service skills, and what defines the ultimate restaurant experience.

The best part about actually writing these posts (if I can get off my lazy ass) is that good content might actually attract readers who aren’t my immediate family

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